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10 Reasons You Should Be Going to the Founders Summit

HackCville wants to make sure you don’t miss out on one of our new favorites, the Founders Summit, where 19 of the most influential innovators will be speaking on what it takes to found a business. Here are our top 10 most compelling arguments for why you should stop by.

UVa Grad Joshua Anton and His “Drunken Man’s Toolkit”

In just a few short years, Joshua Anton has built an app with over 300,000 users and counting. Almost everyday it seems as if another major news outlet is covering his story and every week, thousands of new downloads help expand his user-base. He sat down to speak a little about his journey, challenges, hopes, and advice.

The Evolution of Para: Grit Cafe

Take an exclusive look into the reincarnation of the beloved Para Coffee into Grit Cafe, as the owners discuss branding, entrepreneurship, community, and of course, coffee.

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